The world’s lightest power assisted motor for road bikes.

HPS (High Performance System) revolutionise the e-bike industry with an ultra light-weight motor and battery system that allows riders to push harder and go further.

The HPS designed WATT ASSIST system integrates seamlessly with the bike.
Every detail of our motor and battery has been considered, from design through to the size and weight.
Feel the glory and passion of the world's toughest sport with DomestiqueTM by your side. You can ride faster, for longer, and harder than you ever thought possible with WATT ASSIST.
Bikes are more than just machines, for many they are a way of life. Bike design forms an integral part of the passion, and we believe this should not be compromised.
Ride like a pro. See what happened when we gave David Coulthard a DomestiqueTM powered bike and let him ride with former Road Race World Champion, Tom Boonen.
The HPS launch bike, the world's lightest power assisted ride.
Revolutionary WATT ASSISTTM powering your ride.