A riding revolution.

Discreet in design, yet unforgettable in power and performance, DomestiqueTM retains the integrity of the frame. Our battery has been designed to mimic the size, weight and appearance of a standard water bottle whilst delivering up to three hours of WATT ASSISTTM... without compromise.

Simply place the battery in the custom DomestiqueTM bottle cage to engage the WATT ASSISTTM system, delivering up to three hours of power.

The HPS designed WATT ASSISTTM system integrates seamlessly with the bike. Every detail of our motor and battery has been considered, from design through to the size and weight.

Don't compromise your ride.

The HPS system has been developed to the highest standards and rigorously tested by our Swiss manufacturing partner in their state-of-the art laboratories.
The result is an elegant and compact bottom bracket shell that seamlessly integrates into any frame, housing our light-weight motor system... without compromise.
Ride without restrictions. Unlike hub-based motor systems Domestique™ does not restrict component choices – change your wheels as often as you like.
Our battery fits into a custom bottle cage for ease of use, When you don’t want to use the system, simply leave the battery at home.
Domestique™ with Watt Assist™ is easy to access through the bottom bracket area, making maintenance simple for trained technicians.
8.5 KG
The lightest power assisted bike ever. Powered by DomestiqueTM
A bike born of a champion.
The Camellini family has a history of prodigious bike racing, together we have created the beautiful
Camellini x HPS bike.